Predesigned Target Capture Kits

Don't need a custom design? We offer several types of affordable, predesigned catalog kits for certain applications! To place an order, get a quote, or inquire about kit options, please contact us.

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Whole Genome Enrichment (WGE)

We have developed an affordable technology to produce biotinylated RNA baits representative of an ENTIRE nuclear genome. This allows for the enrichment of genome-wide endogenous DNA from complex metagenomic samples, such as ancient DNA extracts. To manufacture your WGE kit, all we need is genomic DNA from your organism of interest or a living relative (even if its genome has not been sequenced). We will produce a custom WGE baitset that can dramatically increase the percentage endogenous DNA reads in your next sequencing dataset.

Why WGE?

Metagenomic, environmental, and/or ancient DNA specimens are often highly degraded and contaminated with exogenous foreign DNA (e.g., bacteria or fungi). This means the endogenous genomic DNA of interest is often only a small percentage of the total. Recovering appreciable coverage of the nuclear genome with only shotgun sequencing data is likely to be expensive & bioinformatically intense to process. However, a synthetic baitset targeting an entire eukaryotic genome would be wildly cost-prohibitive for most researchers. Furthermore, the genomes of most extant & extinct species have yet to be sequenced from which to design capture baits. Our WGE baitsets can help you overcome both issues.

An example of MYbaits WGE baits in action can be found in our recent co-authored publication Enk et al. (2014), "Ancient Whole Genome Enrichment Using Baits Built from Modern DNA" (Mol Biol Evol 31(5): 1292-1294). Using elephant WGE baits to capture ancient mammoths, a maximum of 80% reads mapping to the elephant genome was achieved after two rounds of target enrichment.

Because of the very deep requisite sequencing depths required to observe appreciable coverage of whole-genome data, WGE kits are generally best suited for exploratory research projects. If you wish to sequence specific genes or SNPs of interest, you should order a synthetic custom MYbaits kit in order to maximize your sequencing efficiency.

How to Order

We have stock genomic DNA (gDNA) from a variety of species, including Human (Caucasian Male & African Male). If we do not have gDNA from your desired species in stock, all we need from you is a sample of gDNA from the species you want to target (or from a close living relative of this species). If you do not have any, we will charge you for the retail cost of obtaining it from a supplier. We then use our proprietary technology to transform the gDNA into ready-to-use sequence capture baits for endogenous genome enrichment from your metagenomic samples. As for all our MYbaits kits, your purchase includes both the baitset as well as capture reagents, following our recommended protcol. Contact us to obtain a Quote and place an order.

Kit Pricing

Kit Name Number of captures * Price
MYbaits-WGE-8 8 $800
MYbaits-WGE-48 48 $4,320
MYbaits-WGE-96 96 $7,680
* Due to the very large target size of a full eukaryotic genome, WGE baits should NOT be diluted, and we do NOT recommend pooling multiple indexed libraries into a single capture reaction.